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Submission Rules

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You may submit 2 photos per week into the monthly theme and 1 photo per week into the Featured folder. Read the submission rules in the galleries to make sure your photo qualifies.

Here is how to submit a photo properly:
1. Join the club as a member.
2. Click the Gallery link on the side menu
3. Scroll down to find the current Theme folder.
4. Click the + sign and select Contribute an Existing Deviation...
5. Pick your photo, and you're set!






Head Admin


Admin Team


:star:Two Folders Open:star:

We will continue to offer two feature folders until I can ensure a frequent changing of new topics.  Please, please, please review the groups requirements and rules!  I am seeing a higher number of domestic/pet and non-captive wildlife submissions as well as non photographic mediums.

:star:Odd Mammals

Including meerkats, anteaters, raccoons, red pandas, hyrax, hyenas and any other mammal group that don't fit into any of our other folders in here.

Mustelids (Family Mustelidae) is a diverse group of carnivores that includes skunks, martens, badgers, otters, and minks. Some mustelids have a slender body and a flexible backbone. Mustelids have thick fur that consists of a dense under coat and a less dense outer coat. Members of this family have short ears and five toes on each foot.

Some species of musetlid (such as mink, ermine, and sable) are sougth after by humans for their fur.

Rodents are a group of mammals that includes the sqirrels, mice, dourmice, rats, beavers, gophers, pocket mice, prairie dogs, ground hogs, and gerbils. There are 1702 species of rodents alive today. The articles listed below provide information about the characteristics, classification and evolution of rodents.

The Musteloidea consists of the families Ailuridae (red pandas), Mustelidae (mustelids: weasels), Procyonidae (procyonids: raccoons and kin), and Mephitidae (skunks).

Oh Happy Happy, Joy Joy! by sueznShelter from the rain v.2 by MonsterBrandCute features by DeeOtter

:star:Odd Toed Ungulates

The odd-toed ungulates (Order Perissodactyla) include horses, rhinoceroses, and tapirs. Odd-toed ungulates (perissodactyls) are hoofed mammals with feet that are symmetrical around a plane of symmetry that runs through their third toe. Most species are plant-eaters (herbivores). They are distributed throughout Africa, North America, South America, and Asia.

A few species of perissodactyls have horns (for example, rhinoceroses). These horns are an outgrowth of skin (so they are considered dermal in origin) and consist of compressed keratin (a fibrous protein that occurs in hair, nails, feathers, and horns)

Including zebras in this group.

Autumn Tapir by Shadow-and-Flame-86Zebra by roger5443On the run by Velvet-Paw

:star:New Admin!!!:star:

Everyone please welcome our newest admin member who has graciously agreed to help lend their experience and expertise to the group!

No particular place to go by NB-Photo

I'm all ears by NB-Photo

Mercy, Mercy, Mercy! by NB-Photo

:star:Call for Admins:star:

We are still looking for a few active members who would be willing to vote on a few pictures every week or so.  If you, like me, remember what this group has been and would like to see those standards return please send me a message with a short 'why I would like to be an admin' explanation.  As I said, I will not entrust the group to anyone I am uncertain will respect our quality and members - but I know we have many wonderful members who would be an asset to the group.  Please include thumbnails of you best work, especially any feature folder shots, in the message to show you understand the standards we hold those submissions to.

We need members who can devote time to voting on folder submissions AT LEAST once every two weeks!!!  As well as answering any questions and providing feedback as requested by our members.  This is our main concern and we will introduce other duties later as needed or desired.

:star:Submission Rules:star:

You may submit 2 photos per week into the bi-weekly theme and 1 photo per week into the featured folder. The current bi-weekly theme is Herbivores.

Here is how to submit a photo properly:

1. Join the club as a member.
2. Open our gallery and click on 'Submit to this Gallery.'
4. Choose which folder you would like to submit to by using the drop down menu.
5. Pick your photo, and you're set!

:star:Featured Folder:star:

This gallery is for photos that represent the best of our member's work.  Staff members will vote on these photos, it takes two accepts to be included in this gallery.  Be sure to submit your best work because we will accept nothing but the best. One submission per week.

Lions, tigers and wolves each take up 10% of the featured gallery, which is a lot of photos of just these animals. We therefore will be being more selective when voting on featured folder submissions for these types of animals. Please take this into account when choosing a shot to submit to the featured folder, as lions/tigers/wolves are taking up a third of this gallery!  

For a visual guide as to what shots will not be accepted into this folder, please see this journal: zoo-photographers.deviantart.c…

:star:Our Affiliates:star:

Be sure to drop by and check out some of our affiliate pages!  Especially if you're looking for wild photo or non-limit groups while you're waiting!

Thanks Everyone!  See ya when I see ya! :)
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Where is everyone?
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Many thanks again !
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Thank you for the invite. This group is so beautiful. I think I love all of the photos the standard is so high :)
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